New Albro swift song. check out my b3 part. Ha! Whew!

Collaboration with some friends in Nashville. 

  • Liquid Courage Master3:18



New song for my client, Bret Martin. Check him out at

  • Mountain Man3:39

The latest song I produced. Written by Craig Young. Vocals by Brett Habenicht.

Done for a client. I played all but vocals and mandolin. Very fun!

Here's another contest song for a client. 

Production for a client who's entering a songwriting contest in Nashville. 

  • Black Crow Drum Down Mix4:25

  • Don't Call It a Love Song3:58

  • Wild Places4:00

New mix for this Folklore tune. Fun song to produce. 

  • Whiskey & Water 3:13

  • The Things You Used To Do2:46

  • Death Letter2:50

New production work. I did all but the vocals. Fun song to work on. 

  • She Just Can't Love Me5:43

Hey, Y'all!

New jam for client Maureen Parker. My favorite Son House song

Jerry Craft Music

Howdy, music lovers, from Ravensdale, WA! Spring is coming, and I am ready! I've been busy in the studio producing new music with Albro Swift and other clients. The new Manley Reference tube mic has been such a blessing. It really makes tracks warm and clear. Come try it out for yourself! 

New music is posted, so take a listen and come create yours. 

Visit my Youtube page, The Slide Guy, for some slide guitar tips: 


  • I'm Tryin'3:15